Money into Property 2012


Money into Property has been DTZ's flagship research product for 38 years. The report was first published in 1975 focusing on the UK’s commercial real estate capital market and has since grown into charting the development and structure of the global investment market, covering 42 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. These reports focus on different parts of the world and provides an in-depth look at the current state of the real estate market together with our outlook for local investment opportunities.

These reports have three main sections:

• The first section provides a detailed review of year end 2011 invested stock and transaction volumes.
• In the second section we share the findings of our investors and lenders surveys which were undertaken between February and March 2012.
• In the final section we provide our outlook for invested stock and capital flows in 2012 and also consider key policy changes and their potential impact on the markets.


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