DTZ Kinnisvaraekspert signed a co-operation agreement with the Finnish company Helle House Ltd.


DTZ Kinnisvaraekspert is happy to announce that on 11.04.12 we signed an agency cooperation agreement with Finnish company Helle House Ltd. The goal of the cooperation is to provide DTZ Kinnisvaraekspert customers the opportunity to to sell and buy real estate in Finland, and Russia. Our contractual customers will have the opportunity to advertise their real estate in Helle House Ltd. website and in addition to other portals, with whom the company works with, both in Finland and abroad. Thanks to the signed cooperation agreement in the future we can guide our clients to a trusted partner and Helle House Ltd customers will have also the opportunity to advertise their real estate and make transactions in Estonia market through DTZ Kinnisvaraekspert.

Helle House Ltd is a Finnish company, which is engaged with real estate brokerage and a variety of real estate-related consultations.
The company offers in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian following services:

• Buildings and apartments agency
• Advice on real estate portfolios transactions
• Tax consultancy
• Financial Consultations
• Business transformation-related counseling
• Due diligence
• Real estate financing advice
• Agency services to foreign customers for real estate located in Finland
• International real estate services through its partners in Russia, Estonia and the U.S.
• Architectural, engineering, construction and legal work
• Properties marketing in the Russian website (www.hellehouse.ru)