Valdemaras Ivasko has been appointed as President of Association of Valuers in Lithuania


DTZ Baltic is happy to announce that the new President of Association of Valuers in Lithuania is Valdemaras Ivasko

Valdemaras is working in DTZ Baltic as the Director of Valuation and Consulting in Lithuania. He joined with the DTZ Baltic team in August 2009.

As professional appraiser with MRICS, Valdemaras has ten years experience directly in the valuation for financial purposes. Before he was focused in the commercial real estate valuation and due diligence. Previously he was Vice President of Lithuanian Association of Property Valuers, he worked with methodology and legal basis of valuation in Lithuania.In 1999 he was a member of the group that prepared law that regulates valuation activity in Lithuania. In 2004 he was a head of the one of three groups that prepared Lithuanian National Valuation Standards. In 2008 Valdemaras was elected a Professional Member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Lithuanian Association of Property Valuers (LTVA) was established on 22 March 1994.It is non-governmental professional organisation.

The main aims of LTVA are:

  • to take care of training of specialists for valuation of property and capital;
  • to accumulate and provide methodical and other assistance including information on valuation issues.

LTVA now has around 160 members, higher quality: economists, civil engineers, land engineers, property managers, judgers and aver specialists.

LTVA is a member of TEGoVA, The European group of Valuers Associations, since 1995;FIG, International Federation of Surveyors, since 1995; IVSC, International Valuation Standards Committee, since 1995; CEPI, European Real Estate Council, since 2002.

Congratulations for Valdemaras. We wish you strength and success for future!